Bag in Box 10 lt Tuscan red wine IGT 13% vol


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Vines: Sangiovese, Merlot.

Alcohol content: 13.0% vol.

Color: brilliant, intense ruby red.

Bouquet: intense, vinous.

Taste: harmonious, full-bodied.

Gastronomic combinations: good intensity wine, suitable for grilling and Florentine steak.

5 disponibili



Bag in Box 10 lt Tuscan red wine IGT 13% vol

The bag in the box is a practical and modern packaging, which allows us to perfectly preserve the wine away from light and air while maintaining the characteristics of the wine for very long weather.

The practical tap allows you to withdraw the amount of wine you want, without entering the air inside the bag. Therefore the wine is preserved very well, without having to do travase, even after opening the package.

The in box bag is the ideal packaging for those seeking the “quality daily wine” to sip every day at an affordable price.

Choose the wine in this package means:

  • Use a unfairable and 100% recyclable storage system
  • Protect wine from light and thermal exchanges
  • Keep the organoleptic characteristics of the wine even after the package is opened
  • Rationalize transportation, storage and use.

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