Extra virgin olive oil Tuscan IGP – 2 lt



Extra virgin olive oil Tuscan IGP

Production: 2022

Production area: Pistoia (Tuscany)
Cultivar olive trees: leccio, frantoio, pendolino, Moraiolo
Harvest period: October-November with pressing within 24 hours of collection in our oil mill
Method of extraction: cold continuous cycle.
Bouquet: characteristic smell of freshly franked olive, with herbaceous notes and senotors of artichoke.
Taste: medium fruity, with artichoke notes, herbaceous fragrances and a slight almond note. The taste is pleasantly spicy with a pleasantly bitter finish due to the high number of polyphenols in the oil.
Polyphenols perform antioxidant actions for man and contribute to the longevity of the oil itself.
Gastronomic combinations: excellent for bruschetta, excellent on legumes and cod (boiled) as well as green salads. It is the seasoning par excellence of Tuscan cuisine.

Nutritional table:
Nutritional values ​​for 100 ml of product average values
Energy value: 3389 kJ – 824 kcal
Fats: 91.6 g
of which saturated fats: 14g
Carbohydrates: 0g
of which sugars: 0g
Fibers: 0g
Protein: 0g

Sale: 0g




Extra virgin olive oil Tuscan IGP

The Extra virgin olive oil Tuscan IGP of the Marini farm, is produced directly from the corporate olive groves located on the first hill slopes. The olives harvest occurs manually and mechanically. Every day the collected olives are worked in the corporate oil mill, thus obtaining a particularly rich oil of polyphenols (natural antioxidants) with an excellent balance of taste between spicy and bitter, ideal for a good and healthy power. The oil thus obtained has allowed the Marini farm to participate in numerous selections and competitions, obtaining valid results

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