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Grappa di Vin Santo
The Vinsanto Grappa is a distillate obtained from our Vin Santo pomace.
He faithfully recalls the main characteristics of the wine from which it originates, transforming every sip into a profound emotion.

UVAGE: Trebbiano and Malvasia
Appearance: crystalline.
Bouquet: stimulating, persistent. .
Taste: Round body, soft, of great elegance
Alcoholic degree: 43.0% vol.

Pairings: Meditation grappa, to drink at the end of the meal as a digestive or accompanied to chocolate cakes.
Bottle: 20 cl

50 disponibili



Grappa of Vin Santo

The Grappa of Vin Santo is obtained from the continuous distillation of the pomace derived from the production of the Vin Santo.

The grapes we use for the production of the Vin Santo are Trebbiano and Malvasia, wisely chosen and naturally dried with at least 3 months in Vinsantaia.

At the finish of drying, the grapes are pressed, and the must obtained continues the long journey of aging before in the wood and then in the bottle.

From the vinification of the Vin Santo we obtain the pomace which are distilled with direct distillation with direct steam and distillation of alcoholic flemme with vacuum columns.

The scent of the Grappa of Vin Santo presents elegant, floral and spicy notes, while the taste we find the notes of dried fruit and vanilla.

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