Grappa of Chianti Marini Giuseppe


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Grappa of Chianti
The Chianti Grappa is a distillate obtained from our best pomace of Chianti
This grappa recalls in the scent and taste the peculiar notes of the Sangiovese we use for Chianti’s production

UVAGE: Sangiovese
Appearance: crystalline.
Bouquet: stimulating, persistent. .
Taste: intense, soft, and balanced with slightly fruity final sensations.
Alcoholic degree: 43.0% vol.
Bottle: 50 cl

24 disponibili



Grappa del Chianti

This Grappa of Chianti is born from the fresh pomace obtained from the vinification of our Chianti. For this reason the Grappa of Chianti remembers the peculiar notes of our Chianti wine in the scent and taste. The Chianti is the famous Tuscan red wine, obtained from the wise mix of the grapes of different vines of the territory. Grappa, produced with the pomace of the grapes that generate this wine, is particularly valuable as it reproduces, in the robes of distilled, the characteristics of the Chianti himself. The distillation takes place in a frame of copper, by means of a steam flow, which crosses the pomace, holding its aromas and alcoholic parts.


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