Our Olive Tree and Grapevine Nursery

Olive trees are the best choice for your garden!

We are specialized in the production of ornamental and orchard olive trees and offer you a wide selection of sizes, pots and varieties.

Two to four years old grafted olive trees are perfect to create new orchards or thicken existing ones. These plants have a very fast growth thanks to our pruning process and are supplied in a pot. We can offer:

– Two years old grafted olive tree are 100-110 cm in height

– Three years plants are 6-8 in trunk circumference, 180-200 cm in height

– Four years plants are both 8-10 in trunk circumference, 200-210 cm in height, and 10-12 in trunk circumference and 200-220 cm in height

– Ornamental olive trees are available in a range of sizes from 12-14 to 30-35 in trunk circumference.

If you are looking for premium quality grapevines, we can supply different varieties and heights.

Come and visit our nursery or contact us at info@marinifarm.it to ask for more info: we will immediately come back to you!

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