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Our farm

Our family-run farm is located in Pistoia (30 km from Florence), a city rich in landscape beauties and in an important artistic-cultural heritage (Elected Capital of Culture 2017).
The love for land, the respect for nature and the attention to the seasonal cycles are only some of the fundamental values of our daily work.
We have always dedicated with passion to the production of Tuscan Wines, Vin Santo and IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil and we have recently added the vinegar to the range of our products.

Two centuries of passion…

Since 1800 the Marini Family has been producing wines in Tizzana – a district in the province of Pistoia. In 1946, Roberto Marini moved to the city of Pistoia carrying on the winemaking tradition of his family. In 1980, Giuseppe Marini, Roberto’s son, together with his family has continued the wine production and implemented the range of products with the Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP and with nursery plants (including olive trees).

La vinsantaia

Then, the must from the dried grapes is left to ferment and age in the so-called “Caratelli” (small barrels of different woods) for at least three years. After this long time, the “Caratelli” are opened and the Vinsanto is collected and left to settle for another year before bottling. Finally, as per our company policy, Vinsanto spends a further year in bottle then it’s ready for sale. Therefore, it takes us five years to produce the Vinsanto that allowed our Farm to obtain national and international awards over the years.