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Too often olive oil is obtained by blending refined olive oils and virgin olive oils, thus it loses all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics, which are typical of an Extra-virgin Olive Oil. Check the label! Toscano Extra-virgin olive oil PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) offers maximum certainty in terms of authenticity. This means typicality and a strong link with the territory, certified by the Community trade mark PGI and by strict production regulations.

We have been produced the Toscano extra-virgin olive oil PGI for three generations in Tuscany.

In late October/beginning November, we harvest our Tuscan olive varieties of Leccio, Frantoio, Pendolino, Moraiolo by hand, with the help of mechanical facilitators and process them within a few hours of the harvest by cold extraction in our oil mill, with an innovative two-phase continuous cycle extraction system at a controlled temperature.

The result is an olive oil which best preserves its organoleptic quality and contains a high concentration of tocopherols, polyphenols (oleuropein, oleacein, oleocanthal), and Vitamin E, which play an important role in the delay of cell ageing process thanks to their antioxidative and anti-radicals action. That’s why our olive oil is spicy and bitter than other oils!

Scientific studies show that genuine Extra-virgin olive oil together with a healthy lifestyle help preventing heart diseases, oxidative stress, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Just think that 100g of our extra-virgin olive oil contains 25 mg Vitamin E and the other main vitamin found it is Vitamin K, with about 10% of the recommended daily intake in 1 tablespoon.

Even cooking and frying with extra-virgin olive oil is healthier because it is very stable, even under extreme conditions like deep frying for extended periods of time.

Make a choice for Your Health: try our Toscano extra-virgin olive oil PGI on your dishes and you will realise that it goes great with everything!

Awarded by: Gambero Rosso, Flos Olei, Slow Olive, Merum, Terre d’Olio by Fausto Borella, Bibenda, and the Tuscany region.

TOSCANO Extra-virgin Olive Oil PGI

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