Birbante Red Tuscan IGT 2021


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Our Birbante Red Toscana IGT boaring is produced with the best grapes of Merlot and Sangiovese by spontaneous fermentation.
Vinification takes place in concrete tanks, with temperature control. Aging in barriques and then in the bottle for a few months before the sale.

Denomination: red of Tuscany IGT
UVAGE: MERLOT 60%, Sangiovese 40%
Aging: Sangiovese in concrete tanks and Merlot in barrique for a few months
Alcohol content: 14% vol.
Organoleptic characteristics
Color: ruby red, with violet reflections.
Bouquet: intense, vinous with a slight note of vanilla
Taste: harmonious, round, full-bodied and persistent.

Gastronomic combinations:
Grilled meats, game, peposo, seasoned cheeses.

75 cl bottle

30 disponibili



Red Tuscan Birbante IGT

The winemaking of the Birbante Red of Toscana IGT, takes place naturally through the use of native yeasts present in the grapes, in the vineyard and in the cellar itself.

Every year, the Marini family, before the harvest, creates the foot of spontaneous fermentation, collecting a small amount of the best red grapes, to be amostate every day. This operation allows to develop and refresh the fermentation foot which will then be introduced at the appropriate time in vinification.

Therefore, using great quality grapes, and the foot of natural fermentation, Marini Giuseppe, gets wines that best represent the corporate terroir with a pleasantly unique taste.

The birbant name, which we have chosen for this wine, is linked to the Tuscan tradition; Birbante lies to indicate a whimsical and lively child.
Our family binds the meaning of Birbante to the memory of a nice filastrocca, born for play, in the cellar, on an autumn evening, which tells a particular moment of children’s childhood, carefree and full of joy.

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