Villa Paternino Chianti Reserve 2016


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Villa Paternino Chianti DOCG Reserve 2016 is a wine that encloses our history in itself, our passion and at the same time, expresses elegance in colors and perfumes.

Denomination: Chianti DOCG Reserve
UVAGE: 80% Sangiovese, 20% other red berry vines
Aging: 2 years in concrete tank and barriques
Alcohol content: 13.5% vol.
Color: intense ruby red, bright, with purple reflections.
Bouquet: pleasant fruity hints of cherry and blackberry. Lightweight spicy note of cinnamon, cloves, data from Merlot aged in the wood.
Taste: In the mouth we find the flavor of the ripe cherry. Tannic is good and excellent persistence.
Gastronomic combinations: excellent with duck in wet and prisoner (typical Pistoia cuisine dishes). With dishes such as stew it manages to enhance the flavor of the meat, leaving a mouth clean and with a pleasant final.

47 disponibili



Villa Paternino Chianti Reserve 2016

The vinification of the Villa Paternino Chianti Reserve Reserve 2016, takes place naturally through the use of native yeasts present in the grapes, in the vineyard and in the cellar itself.

Every year, the Marini family, before the harvest, creates the foot of spontaneous fermentation, collecting a small amount of the best red grapes, to be amostate every day. This operation allows to develop and refresh the fermentation foot which will then be introduced at the appropriate time in vinification.

Therefore, using great quality grapes, and the foot of natural fermentation, Marini Giuseppe, gets wines that best represent the corporate terroir with a pleasantly unique taste.

With this wine we want to pay tribute to the grandfather Roberto, who in 1946, purchased the lands and the rubble of the ancient Paternino villa, destroyed in the 2nd World War. Today the company stands right above the foundations of this ancient villa, whose existence can be verifiable on the historical land registry of 1823. This research has allowed us to be able to insert on the label, part of this ancient cadastral map, in which the location is depicted Of the ancient villa, which corresponds to that of our current farm.

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