Hands cream consisting of extra virgin olive oil


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The well-maintained hands denote about it towards your body and consideration for yourself. This is why you need to reserve daily attention.

Nourishing and emoniente thanks to the presence of extra virgin olive oil, it allows to obtain a soft and velvety skin. Protective thanks to the precious intervention of the Allantoin.

Very useful even in case of cracks, on particularly dry hands and feet.

Tube 75 ml

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Hands cream consisting of extra virgin olive oil

This barrier cream is not a simple cream for hands and feet, but a real treatment Cosmetic of considerable effectiveness. It has a remarkable protective action for the hands, above all when they are exposed to intense cold, in the wind, the prolonged contact with detergents or irritating substances. It is emollient thanks to the high amount of extra virgin olive oil, without however be greasy; it is promptly absorbed and therefore allows you to carry out any
Activities, even after the application. Contains a special substance, the allantoin, with High healing power, useful in presence of cracks, abrasions and skin microlasions Also in other parts of the body (feet, elbows, etc.). Finally the Karité butter performs an effect
Protective towards the external environment.
By virtue of the remarkable healing and protective properties it is very suitable for the application on Feet, especially if chapped or reddened.
Way Apply on the clean and well dried hands, carrying out an intense massage towards the Wrist, both on the back and palm. Perform the operation several times a day, especially later
have come into contact with detergents, irritating substances or water.

The product must be stored in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat sources, in
Closed container.
Duration of the product
12 months from the date of opening

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