Moisturizing face cream with extra virgin olive oil


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This cream is suitable for every type of skin. It is indicated for normal and mixed skin, due to the absence of greasyness, can
Be used even for those who have skin with grease tendency. To apply daily with circular massages.

Ideal base for makeup.

6 disponibili


Moisturizing face cream with extra virgin olive oil

The olive extra virgin olive oil moisturizing cream is a soft day cream. It contains a skin moisturizing factor naturally present on human skin. In other words, this moisturizing cream is light and enveloping, leaves the skin perfectly hydrated and velvety.

In this moisturizing cream we also find the silk proteins that carry out a filmboard and moisturizing action, without weighing down the epidermis.

This moisturizer is ready absorption, no greasy and does not stick the skin.
Therefore this cream is an ideal treatment to hydrate and protect all skin types for the entire day of the day.

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