Moisturizing body cream with extra virgin olive oil


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The moisturizing body cream with extra virgin olive oil is a very pleasant emulsion to use after the bath and every time you want to moisturize the skin. Emilette but not greasy, adequately softens the epidermis by refining the texture.

Contains extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, organic olive active extract and distilled water of orange flowers.

Pack of 250 ml

6 disponibili


Moisturizing body cream with extra virgin olive oil

The moisturizing extra virgin olive oil cream is ideal for adequately treating the skin after a bath or shower.

This body cream has considerable emollient power.

Contrary to the common emulsions for the body, no greasy or weighs the epidermis, leaving the skin with a pleasant sensation of clean.

How to use
Apply to the entire body surface, especially on areas most prone to flaking or drying. It can be used even several times a day, better if after bathing.

The product must be stored in a cool and dry place, sheltered from light and heat sources, in a closed container.
Duration of the product
12 months from the date of opening

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