Lemon Extra-Virgin olive oil 250 ml


Our extra virgin olive oil in the lemon is produced simply by working the olives and fresh lemons simultaneously, in our oil mill.

The result is an oil particularly rich in lemon fragrances and citrus flavors. This process allows for a condiment with a perfect harmony of fragrances, ideal for enhancing and embellish your favorite dishes.

Production area: Pistoia (Tuscany)

Category: condiment based on extra virgin olive oil and whole fresh lemon.

Method of extraction: cold continuous cycle.
Bouquet: pleasant and fresh, with delicate citrus notes.

Taste: refined and unmistakable. The lively notes of the essential oils of the lemon peel make it ideal in all uses to raw, but also in cooking in pastry preparations.

Gastronomic combinations: ideal for clating grilled meat and fish, perfect in salads and pins. Excellent for the preparation of desserts.


Lemon Extra-Virgin olive oil

This premium flavoured olive oil is produced by crushing our best olive varieties of Leccio, Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Pendolino with fresh, whole Sorrento lemons.

The processing takes place within a few hours of harvesting in the proprietary oil mill with an innovative two-phase continuous cycle extraction system.

The use of the continuous system implies a better control in sanitation, temperature and oxidation processes, and allows the production of a “cold extracted” olive oil that preserves the best organoleptic quality and anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties.

The oil is stored immediately after filtration in stainless steel tanks in the absence of oxygen and remains sealed until bottling.

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