Taking part in the opening of the so-called “caratelli” (small wood barrels) means participating in a treasure hunt. Each “caratello” is like a treasure chest that you do not know the content: when the spigot is removed, you discover the richness the Caratello has inside.
The surprise of a product, placed there three years ago as grape must and become the brightest jewel of Tuscan enology, is always great.
You immediately smell the scent of Vin Santo in your glass and in the air, and taste its dryness or sweetness.
It’s the willingness to disclose the sacredness of this moment, once ritual of the farming winter, who drove Giuseppe Marini to the first “Vin Santo is” Edition ten years ago.
An event, whose success in terms of the participating public and media, never ceases to surprise, year by year, the Marini Family and its team, precious companion on this adventure, which initially was born just for fun around a table and then has become a fixed event of the Farm.
An event which features the mission of Giuseppe Marini, real connoisseur of eno-gastronomy as a “science of happiness” as defined by Carlo Petrini because “it mixes the old with the new, scientific explanations with beliefs and sacredness, respect for others with self-respect. ”
Opening the “caratelli” with many friends and fans who come from different parts of Italy to taste the new Vin Santo with his producer, is really a unique experience.