Our Family has been producing wines in Tuscany for three generations.
Today, two centuries later, the story continues with the same passion and commitment for quality.

We are following the Tuscan enological tradition and, at the same time, aim at implementing innovative and sustainable agricultural practices, such as organic fertilizers and treatments, that respect the environment and the health of our consumers.

In our cellar, as in the vineyards, we choose the same philosophy and we do not use chemicals or addicted yeasts, but grape fermentation starts spontaneously thanks to indigenous yeasts, that are naturally present on the skin of the grapes.

Chianti docg, Birbante igt, Savium igt, Vin Santo del Chianti doc, Vin Santo del Chianti Occhio di Pernice doc together with Chianti riserva Villa Paternino doc, wine dedicated to our grandfather Roberto, our complete masterwork that sinks deep its roots in the Chianti area.

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Olive Oil


Protected Geographical Indication

Please verify the traceability of your I.G.P. Olive Oil by entering its identification number on Consortium for the protection of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP



Wine Jellies

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Personalize Your Gift …

The Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Marini is able to set you up attractive gift boxes that you can customize with your name, through a simple sticker to be applied directly on the package, which will print your name and the phrase greeting you prefer. The photos you see are just examples of the many packages that you can prepare with our Wine, Olive Oil, Vin Santo and our Specialty Products. We invite you to contact us for more information